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Player Info
Name: Revi
18 or Older?: yes
Contact: [plurk.com profile] sillysymphony or PM this account
Player Type: returning

Character Info
Name: Mikazuki Shinonome
Canon: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Canon Point: Chapter 42 (after his fight with Yuuhi)
Age: 20

History: The series has no decent wiki, so a quick writeup:

Mikazuki is the middle child of a famed martial artists family, who was always overshadowed by his genius older brother Hangetsu. Mikazuki admired his brother and, eager for his approval, kept challenging him only to get his ass kicked. He was a wild kid, always picking fights and getting into trouble, and when he grew up he gained a fearsome reputation as a "battle demon" who can take out entire gangs on his own. But no matter how hard he tried, he could never beat Hangetsu.

Some time after starting university, Mikazuki took a break from school and traveled to India. There he met a talking crow named Mu who told him the world is in grave danger: an evil Mage is threatening to crush Earth with his Biscuit Hammer, a doomsday device shaped like a… well, a giant hammer. Only the Princess and the Knights of the Ring can fight the Mage and save the world. Mu asked Mikazuki to join the battle, he agreed and became the Crow Knight. He and Mu have been inseparable ever since. While in India, he heard that his brother had also become a Knight – and subsequently died protecting the Princess and Yuuhi (the Lizard Knight and the series' protagonist).

He returned to Japan for funeral, where he met Yuuhi, the Princess and the other Knights. Cue the entire plot of the manga where the Knights battle the Mage's golems using their psychic powers, the Princess plots to save the world only to destroy it with her own fists, and everyone learns valuable lessons about teamwork and the power of friendship.

Also, Mikazuki keeps asking people to fight him with varying degrees of success.

Mikazuki’s defining trait is his obsession with combat, which earned him the dubious nickname “battle demon”. This stems from his belief that one’s most important trait is their “existence” and that strong existences swallow the weak. His goal is to strengthen his existence by fighting and defeating worthy opponents - especially his older brother he could never beat. After learning his brother sacrificed his life to save Yuuhi (the protagonist), Mikazuki decided Yuuhi’s existence swallowed Hangetsu’s and he became obsessed with defeating Yuuhi, believing that by surpassing him he will finally surpass his late brother. Mikazuki compares his relationship with Hangetsu and his quest to become stronger to a mountain that keeps getting higher no matter how old he grows or how good he becomes. Still, he keeps aiming for the top and until he gets there, he enjoys the challenge of the climb.

He attests to “love everything about fighting” and tends to cackle like a maniac when he’s having a particularly satisfying battle. He strayed from his family’s teaching and developed a personal fighting style - messy, extremely aggressive and with very little defence. Perhaps he wanted to carve his own path, different from Hangetsu’s… or maybe he just thinks his way is more fun. Mikazuki seems insane when he fights, but anyone who underestimates him will soon come to the (very painful) realization that he’s actually quite cunning and resourceful. Once he puts his mind to it he quickly masters his Knight’s psychic powers and has no problem to fight dirty. He destroys several golems by using another golem as a bat, and wins his last showdown against Yuuhi by announcing his final move as “Knock the Popular Guy Down a Peg Punch!” only to kick Yuuhi right in the face. He’s also very hard working, critically aware of his weaknesses and constantly seeks to overcome them - even if he loses, he never makes the same mistake twice. Training is also how he deals with hard feelings, exhausting his body to distract his mind.

The battle thirst is Mikazuki’s greatest strength, as it inspires him to become a stronger, better person, but it’s also his greatest flaw because he doesn’t know how to hold back. He will challenge anyone and does not take no for an answer, willing to use any means to pressure people if he thinks they’ll put up a good fight. He straight up kidnapped the Snake Knight to blackmail Yuuhi, and has repeatedly risked his own allies just to fulfill his bloodlust. He cornered the Horse Knight and forced him to battle even though the others were fighting for their lives elsewhere, and abandoned everyone on another occasion because he really wanted to fight the big bad.

Mikazuki may sound like the kind of person you’d rather stay away from, but he's actually an easy going, cheerful guy who makes friends as easily as he breaths. He often refers to fighting as “playing” and whether he wins or loses, he holds zero grudge against his opponents. He can beat the crap out of someone (or vice versa) in the morning, and drop by their house for a friendly visit in the evening. He is also extremely kind and generous. Knights are granted one wish upon making a contract with their animal partner and most wishes benefit the Knights themselves or their loved ones. Mikazuki, however, spent his wish on bread for a hungry child he’d seen nearby. He has a soft spot for kids in general and is very nice and gentle to his younger comrades.

While characters in The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer never actually break the fourth wall, they often comment on and discuss common manga tropes. Mikazuki takes it pretty seriously and tends to get upset when things don’t go according to the scene he had in mind (he planned his first meeting with Yuuhi to be properly dramatic, showing up in the rain and everything… only to run away crying because Yuuhi flat out refused his challenge instead of accepting it like fictional heroes always do).

Sample: TDM thread

Monster Choices: carbuncle, chimera, naga, nymph, wendigo, werecreature


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